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Life Insurance

Life Insurance in Coon Rapids, MN

Life Insurance in Coon Rapids, MN

Life insurance is about protecting your loved ones. We help simplify the process by working with you to help determine a policy type and benefit amount. We compare life insurance companies to find great coverage and rates. Contact us or request insurance quotes to get started.

Life Insurance Coverage

  • Term Life Low-cost policy that covers a specified term of years, often between 10 and 30 years.
  • Universal Life Flexible policy that can be designed to last however long is needed and can include a cash value portion.
  • Whole Life Policy that lasts until death or policy maturity, which is when the cash value becomes equal to the death benefit. The cash value earns interest.
  • Final Expense Insurance Policy designed to cover funeral expenses. These policies often don’t require medical exams.
  • Group Life Policy that covers a common group of people, like employees at a business.
  • Equity Indexed Universal Life Policy with cash value that can participate in the performance of the stock market.
  • Limited Underwriting Term Life Term policy that can be issued with no medical exams.
  • And More

What’s An Independent Agency?

An independent agency works for you, the client. It means we can compare coverage and rates from dozens of insurance carriers to find great life insurance for you regardless of your age, health history, etc. It also gives us more flexibility, meaning you won’t have to lose your agent if you change insurance companies.

Why Us for Life Insurance?

As a client of ours, you’ll receive:

  • Quality Coverage – Solid protection from quality insurance carriers.
  • Great Service – We’re local and we’re here to help.
  • Lower Costs – We compare rates from over 30 quality insurance carriers!

Save Time & Money With A Quote Comparison

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